Replica information

Operations such as this former online store attempt to convince consumers the items they purchase will be similar to those made by Chanel. In reality, the quality of the goods sold by these websites will never match that of authentic Chanel goods. There are plenty of reasons to avoid replica Chanel goods: poor materials and sub-par construction are often staples of such goods; online replica stores often take consumers’ money but don’t send the ordered products; owners of replica Chanel operations avoid paying taxes, which would otherwise go to the government to help improve our country; and operators of these sites are often involved in other illegal activities. Chanel wants to stop replica websites such as these which hurt our economy and consumers.

Chanel wants to stop sites such as these, which hurt our economy and consumers.

How to avoid replicas

Chanel is limited in what it can do to help consumers, but the company regularly investigates and brings lawsuits against the owners of websites such as this one. Along with legal action, Chanel wants to bring awareness to consumers. Follow these simple steps to avoid purchasing replicas:
-Watch out for products bearing the CC Monogram which are advertised as “7-star” or “AAA” quality.
-Stop and think, “Does this deal seem too good to be true?”
-Only purchase products from authorized Chanel retailers. If a website doesn’t look official, it probably isn’t, and you will likely receive a counterfeit.