The Money Trap of Replica Handbags

There are a number of reasons that so many counterfeit products are created each year. From movies to electronics to replica Chanel handbags and replica Chanel wallets which plague nations around the globe, more than $600 billion dollars in counterfeiting occurs each year, impacting businesses, individuals and governments everywhere.

So, what makes handbags such an appealing target for replication? First, there is the issue of how few people understand the difference between genuine and fake goods. After all, itís just a bag, right? How could a replica handbag be so different in terms of quality? That thought process, however, is wrong. In reality, replica Chanel handbags and replica Chanel wallets are generally made of incredibly low quality materials by untrained and unskilled workers. The result is a much lower quality product which will not last as long or stand up to as much abuse as the high quality items crafted by the major design houses in Europe and America.

Second, if a replica handbag can be made for less than $2 and sold for $100, there is an opportunity to make a substantial profit.

The Cost of Replica Chanel Handbags

What really makes the counterfeiting industry such a bad addition to society is the fact that so many people are harmed each year due to the sale of counterfeit goods.

For instance, it is typically criminal networks which fund, produce, distribute and profit from replica handbags. As a result, the money spent by consumers on those replica handbags goes to fund things like drug trafficking, prostitution, and even terrorism in some cases.

In addition, there is the issue of poor working conditions. When profit margins are the goal without regard for the law or society, criminals who manufacture replica handbags have no qualms about paying only pennies per day for illegal workers and forcing them to operate in poor, inhumane working conditions.

At the end of the day, no one but the criminals benefit from replica handbags. Local governments lose tax revenues, honest consumers lose money, workers are exploited and criminal activities are funded. It is best to avoid replica handbags.